Our Neighbours Agriculture

Our Neighbours Agriculture is a project that was started in 2015. The aim is to grow crops and rear chickens that will help to provide food for the various parts of the work of Our Neighbours in Bulawayo (including Isaiah’s Babies Home) and also generate income.

The project is being overseen by a graduate from the Ebenezer Agricultural Training Centre. Arable crops are being grown consisting of Maize, Tomatoes, Onions, Baby Marrow/Zucchini, Butternut, Green Beans, Peas, Carrots and Chomolia/Kale. Broiler chickens are also being produced, but the numbers need to increase for financial viability.

The rainfall in Bulawayo is very low compared with the UK and the seasons are unpredictable. For crop production on a larger scale, a drip irrigation system is required.

While the project must become self-sustaining, initial start-up costs are not inconsiderable and we will be delighted if you feel able to partner with us in helping to meet some of these.

Our Neighbours Agriculture
Our Neighbours Agriculture

Ernest and Pedzisai preparing to plant and the recent carrot crop

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