Orphaned Children

Northend Home is run by Our Neighbours in Bulawayo for orphaned children (teenage boys) who were previously living on the streets. They are cared for in a family environment where counselling, rehabilitation, and assistance with family/community reunification is provided.

In 2008 Our Neighbours felt they should do more to assist the many children they were aware of who’s often terrible and desperate situations had led them to a life on the streets of Bulawayo.

For those where family reunification isn’t an option, ONM are committed to providing for their physical, emotional, developmental and spiritual needs in a family environment until they reach adulthood.

With care and oversight, to date, seven children have been reunited with their families and two sets of siblings have been placed into other suitable families.

The positive changes that have taken place in the children’s lives since being with the Northend family are profound and encouraging.

Northend Family

The Northend Family