Abandoned Babies and Young Children

Isaiah’s Umuzi Wothando cares for abandoned babies and young children who have often been found in extremely perilous circumstances – some new-born babies have even been found in dustbins. Umuzi Wothando means “home of love” in Ndebele.

Isaiah’s is a halfway home assisting and caring for abandoned babies, orphans and vulnerable children. The mission is to lovingly care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of all children placed with them. They facilitate the fostering and adoption of these babies and children to good loving families who are carefully vetted and supported. Where fostering has not been possible, they have established homes within the community with house parents who are committed to these children for life. These homes are based on a family-type environment which also enables siblings to be kept together.

They also assist families, communities and/or extended families to care for orphaned children. Where appropriate, Our Neighbours endeavour to reunite babies with their extended families.

The organisation has been registered with the Social and Child Welfare Department in Bulawayo since September 2007.