Hope School

Hope School is at Hamara, about 20km north of Bulawayo. The School is run by the Inhlaba Trust whose vision is to enable all children in the region to access education and be equipped to build a more hopeful future for themselves and their communities. Many challenges have previously prevented children in this poor farming region from attending school regularly.

Since the Inhlaba Trust was granted permission to build and establish the school in 2011, enrolment has continued to the current level of approximately 500 pupils from grades 0-7.

SALT received a specific donation to enable the purchase of a KioKit from BRCK Education in Kenya to go to Hope School. This is an e-learning solution to supplement the teaching and learning of the lower grades and to help compensate for the high pupil to teacher ratio.

The KioKit is a simple solution designed for schools in resource-poor situations and is particularly suitable where there is intermittent power in rural areas. It consists of a hardened, water-resistant, lockable case containing 40 ruggedized Kio tablets with a wide range of educational content loaded onto them. The Kit can be charged from mains electricity or a solar charging source.

KioKit 1
KioKit 2