SALT uk encourages agriculture and supports various agricultural initiatives and projects.

For the very poor, having enough to eat is a constant challenge and for various reasons, much of Africa continues to experience high levels of food poverty.

Conventional farming methods continue to be widely used in all the various scales of production, but in doing so Africa has seen an ongoing decrease in yields alongside ever increasing production costs.

With the use of Conservation Farming methods, these trends can be reversed. The agriculture initiatives that SALT supports all have the ethos and employ the methodology of Foundations for Farming which is primarily based on zero tillage.

Quoting from the Foundations for Farming website:

“It is a natural law that those who are faithful with what they have, gain more. Foundations for Farming principles protect and preserve the soil and rain a farmer is given.

In natural creation:

There is no ploughing.

There is a wonderful mulch cover from fallen leaves and plant material.

This greatly reduces soil erosion and captures and transfers the precious water effectively to the plants, reducing the risk from drought, pests and disease.”

Whether adopted by the subsistence farmer or in larger projects and farms, Foundations for Farming provides a way for significant increases in yields. This enables even many small farmers to become net producers, having a surplus of produce to sell as well as being able to feed their families.

The Foundations for Farming organisation say: “We have testimonies of farmers who, by adopting Foundations for Farming methods, have increased their yield over tenfold i.e. 0.3 tonnes to over 3 tonnes.”