Hope and Change

We approach what we do, not as the ‘experts’ or ‘teachers’ with prescriptive answers, but as fellow ‘sharers’ and ‘learners’. We see people as peers where each of us has knowledge, experience and wisdom that can be shared and embraced to bring solutions. Our goal is to help bring hope and change.

We believe that positive and lasting change is possible in people, in communities and in the environment in which they live. If given the opportunity and help to start to think differently about themselves, people can begin to shed the limiting beliefs and practices that prevent solutions to their problems and needs being realized.

We can share knowledge, skills and any wisdom we may have, but the real changes that are needed to break the power and cycles of poverty will only take place as people are encouraged and empowered to think differently about themselves and where solutions are coming from. Each person has God-given qualities and traits that can contribute to creativity and ingenuity. With encouragement, people can begin to see that many of the answers for their problems are going to come from within themselves and their own communities, not the continual aid and inputs that come from elsewhere.