SALT stopped receiving donations at the end of January 2020.

This decision was taken by the Trustees of the charity with the agreement of our African Partners.

The charity has been run on a voluntary basis by the trustees, but the challenges and difficulties of sending funds to Africa, particularly into Zimbabwe, have gone beyond the resources and time we have available. Although we have managed to navigate through them successfully thus far, various events and circumstances in more recent times have presented risks to the charity’s funds and operations that we can no longer mitigate against sufficiently.

SALT uk, as a registered charity, is now being wound up and at the end of our current financial year (the end of March 2020), we will initiate its dissolution.

Working with our Zimbabwean Partners, our hope was that by now we would be able to give details of a legitimate and suitable alternative route for UK donors to continue giving to them. At this point though, the plans of some of our Partners have not as yet fitted into place and there are still things they have to implement if this is going to happen.

Our intention is that SALT (Serving Africa-Led Transformation) will continue as a concept through relationship to serve and promote the various work we have been involved in. We intend to maintain this website with appropriate alterations and updates and will hopefully soon be able to provide new details for donations to our Partners as they become clear.

Any links to donate to individual Partners and Projects will be put on those specific pages as and when they become available.