Anne Heath

Anne Heath

Anne has had experience in a variety of careers during her working life. She was born on a Thursday and as the children’s rhyme says “Thursday’s child has far to go.” She was originally a nursery nurse and after her training, worked in the UK and Canada. After doing an advanced diploma in pastoral work, Anne was on the staff of her local church for six years. She then went to Africa for sixteen years, working in Ghana and Nigeria especially with women in the community and churches. This included education and help in aspects of health and child care, furthering empowerment and helping establish a number of income generation projects. Anne’s aim was always to work herself out of a job.

She returned to the UK to spend quality time with her ageing parents, at the same time beginning a new career in Health and Social care. When Anne goes on holiday, she prefers to be among the local people, immersing herself in their culture and world view rather than just being a ‘tourist’. Soon to be a retiree, Anne is hoping to continue to travel and see more of the world and its wonderful people.

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