Our Costs

SALT uk is run by the trustees. There are no employees and hence no salaries to be paid, keeping our costs very low. We are a small organisation, but we strive to operate with proper standards of professionalism and compliance in all we do. Our ethos and the way we operate inevitably effects our size, capacity and growth.

We do not believe there is inevitable merit in growth for its own sake, but we believe our role is to do what we do well and to use the resources placed into our hands as wisely as possible. We seek to bring the best possible value and benefit for all our partners – both beneficiaries and donors, with care and transparency.

We budget our running costs at only 6% of ‘normal’ income, but in reality our actual spending is even lower. All overseas monitoring costs (visiting our partner beneficiaries and projects) are paid for by specific donors, not from general funds. This means that at worst, 94p of every £1 given by other donors will be used directly for what they have given it for, not for our running costs – to pay salaries or for expensive fundraising and marketing campaigns.