About SALT uk

SALT uk is a registered charity which exists to help relieve human suffering through the long-term prevention and relief of poverty.

The charity began operations in September 2015. It was founded by Andy and Alison Fry who over the years had connections and spent time with people in various African countries. They had a desire to do more to serve several friends and organisations working amongst the poor in situations they had visited.

SALT serves a number of African partners with whom we work relationally. We are currently concentrating our efforts in Zimbabwe and Uganda where our partner organisations are carrying out work amongst some of the poorest and often, the most vulnerable and neglected people.

Our primary purpose is to promote long-term sustainable development and self-sufficiency – helping people to help themselves and break the pernicious and destructive cycles of poverty and deeply embedded dependency. We do not believe this will happen just through prescriptive solutions and resources coming from outside, but will come from Africa itself as the continent takes responsibility for its own future and leads the initiative for real and lasting change. Hence our name which conveys our ethos: Serving Africa-Led Transformation.

As an organisation, SALT uk is inspired by Jesus Christ and our desire to follow his teaching and conduct.

The words and teaching of Jesus that are recorded are full of concepts and values that often completely contradict the values that are prevalent in our world. He invites his hearers to leave conventional wisdom behind in order to live by an alternative wisdom. Full of great aphorisms and parables, his words and teaching invite us to see differently and even experience life in a different way.

Jesus’ life demonstrated to us how to love God and to care for those in need. We are inspired by the way Jesus cared for the poor and the oppressed, the widows and orphans and by his desire to protect children from harm. In all we do, we want to reflect and demonstrate God’s unconditional love for all people.

We believe that each person has been made in God’s image and has inherent value, irrespective of their age, gender, race or religion. Given this, our desire is to reach out to all who are in need and to bring benefit without partiality. In doing so, we want to respect the independence and dignity of all those we serve.

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